Natalie’s Year of Theatre: A blogging resolution

A wall with each brick painted with a diferent past production backstage at Wimbledon Theatre.
Backstage at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

Backstage at the New Wimbledon Theatre is a wonderful wall, every brick painted to represent a past production, painted by a young flyman many years ago. Inspired by this dazzling example I’m going to paint my own metaphorical wall this year.

From 1st March 2017 to 1st March 2018 I will attempt to document every instance of theatre and live performance I see.

I want to see how my theatregoing ebbs and flows over the months of the year. Do I prefer the shows I’ve paid to see or do the surprises I acquired comps for please me the most? Do the ones I’ve really looked forward to pay back in kind?

I’ll include all kinds of live theatre, performance and music. I might include films too. The cinema is so blinking expensive these days I don’t go that much, so it won’t be a particularly hard task. I like the idea of including books I read – a sort of cultural pattern – but I read so many that could be an unrealistic task. It’s only the 6th March and I’ve already racked up several but we’ll see, we’ll see…

So –

In short –

I will document a Year of Theatre, Live Performance and Live Music

I will probably document a Year of Cinema and Film

I will start documenting a Year of Books 

And thus ends the blogging resolution of Natalie!



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